Join my band, thats what youve got to be asking your fans to do, not just people you know, but the people that dont know you yet, and its not as hard as it sounds. Chances are, you are asking people to watch you, buy your merchandise and a few other routes that many bands take, and fail. This is because you are looking at the same methods that countless other bands use to generate publicity. Well, I can tell you now, the secret to making it in music is to do something different to the herd. Read on and let me explain.

Many bands out there are looking to increase their popularity, get more gigs, draw larger crowds and make money from their music. Its natural to find something that you like doing and try to get paid, or gain recognition from doing it. Theyve tried Myspace, Facebook, Flyers etc, etc, etc and the results are still the same, little or no gain in popularity and miles away from making real money from their music.

The problem with the band promotion ideas that many bands come up with, is that they are listening generally to their peer group. How many times have you played a gig to a handful of people, sold a couple of tee-shirts or cds and been told to “keep plugging away, youll get there