A key decision for all smart entrepreneurs is choosing the right business entity (corporation, LLC, LLP, etc.) for incorporation. Incorporating a company helps protect your personal assets and minimizes disagreements with co-founders and employees.  Whether your incorporation needs are simple, or complex, LegalForce RAPC Worldwide can help.   From simple online incorporations, to those with complex financing terms and shareholder agreements, our attorneys can help make sure you are well positioned for success.

Employment & Stock Agreements

Managing employees and creating fair and reasonable stock agreements can help your business succeed in a tough economy.   An attorney at LegalForce RAPC Worldwide can help you focus on your business while we handle drafting a set of employment and stock agreements that protect your business and minimize risks to your company’s financial assets.  Let us help you succeed in a tough global economy by ensuring that agreements are in place before they become headaches.

Contract Drafting and Review

When drafting a contract, the concerns of all sides need to be addressed.    Attorneys at LegalForce RAPC Worldwide are trained at helping you draft fair and reasonable contracts that meet the interests of all parties.   Contracts are critical in ensuring that all parties meet the obligations expected of them.   The drafting of enforceable contracts is a skill that cannot be undervalued.   Attorneys at LegalForce RAPC Worldwide are trained at drafting fair and equitable contracts that meet the needs of our clients across a variety of contract drafting and review assignments.

Business Disputes

Sometimes, businesses can disagree on critical business issues.    When these disagreements get beyond normal business conversations, attorneys at LegalForce RAPC Worldwide can help.    For example, our attorneys can help you choose the best option to handle your business dispute.    They can serve as your advocate in litigation, in state and federal courts, or help you settle your disputes through mediation and/or arbitration.