Yingjun Chen

 Yingjun Chen is a registered Chinese patent attorney and a partner at Raj Abhyanker P.C.’s Beijing office.  A registered Chinese patent attorney, he specializes in the prosecution and enforcement of patents related to mechanical and electrical engineering.  He has also extensive experience in patent re-examination, invalidation, litigation, transfer and licensing.

Prior to joining the firm, Chen practiced as a senior patent attorney at Beijing Liu & Shen IP Law Firm and at NTD Patent & Trademark Agency Ltd.  He represents a number of Japanese and Korean tech companies, providing them counsel on patent law in China.  He has lobbied vigorously for the cooperation of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean patent firms; one of his many contributions to this cause is his translation of The Patent Examination Guidelines of China into Korean.  He is an in-demand lecturer on IP law and international business in Asia.  Before entering the legal profession, he worked as an electrical engineer at the Changchun Institute of Precision Mechanic Research and at several major corporations including Matsushita and Fuji Soft ABC.  Chen holds a Bachelor’s in Engineering from Beijing University of Technology and a Master’s in Engineering from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.