Vitale Stefanelli
Associate Attorney

Vitale Stefanelli is a senior Italian attorney at law, with more than 25 years of experience, specializing in trial law, criminal law in particular.  Admitted at Naples Bar association in 2002, he is able to represent clients before the Italian High Court of Rome (Corte di Cassazione) and before all the Supreme Jurisdictions. His clients include big Italian banks, little and multinational corporations, celebrities, as well as little producers. Vitale has represented, as defendant or as plaintiff, very important files acquiring a certain reputation in Southern and Middle Italy for criminal trials, especially in the domain of corporate law, criminal law, and intellectual property law. As founder of the law firm Stefanelli & Partners consisting of 8 associates and partners, with its headquarter in Naples and a branch office in Rome, Vitale collaborates with Sorvillo Abhyanker for the filings (prosecution and litigation) concerning Italy.